$175 membership fee (normally $250) if you get one now!

Who is this membership for? We designed the membership to be convenient to our frequent studio renters. We wanted to make studio rentals as seamless as we can make them for these valued customers.

What does one get with this membership? 

  • Renting studio during our business hours is $10/hr, during nights and weekends $15/hr (instead of our usual prices)
  • 50% Off any studio add-ons

Terms of the membership: General rules are applicable. Three months minimum. Membership fee will be charged every first of the month. If one decides to start a membership after the first day of the month, the fee will be prorated. If the membership is cancelled, there is a 3 month waiting period before re-joining. Valid Credit Card and copy of the customer’s Driver’s License will be required to sign up. We reserve the right to cancel membership at any time; all unused fees will be returned.

To Sign Up: Click the Subscription Button below!