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How we transfer your tapes, what you need to know:

Once we receive your tapes the first thing we do is create an invoice / work order form (which we e-mail to you).  We label your tapes with your invoice number and individual item number for each tape. Each tape with its case gets an individual, unique number. This helps us to track each tape in case it gets misplaced. With our system we have yet to lose any customers tape. Once labeling is done, your order goes to the  production room. We process all orders in-house on a first come first served basis. It normally takes us 5-7 business days to transfer your tapes, unless you have a large order or you paid for rush service. During the Christmas season or Mother’s Day our process times may be longer.

Once we start processing your order, the first thing we do is inspect your tape for any dust issues or physical damage. If everything looks good, we will rewind your tape to the beginning and measure the length of the tape (run time).  DVDs can hold up to 2 hours of video, so if your tape is longer than two hours, our technicians will record the rest of the tape material on a second DVD (a third DVD may be required if recordings are longer than 4 hours).  If multiple DVDs are recorded for each tape the cost of the final invoice will increase. At the beginning of each tape, we make sure the video signal goes well and we check to see if there are tracking issues. Sometimes, we might find that a ape was recorded in a different country using their TV system, (such as PAL or Secam). Or, we might find the contents of the tape have a copy protected layer that prevents it from being captured by our system. If such is the case, we have the capability to overcome those measures, but at increased cost.  Over the years, tapes get old and some of their mechanical parts may become rusty or unusable, just like a car that has not been driven for several years. We can repair most of the tapes for a fee. If we find that a tape has no content, you will not be charged for that tape transfer. After initial signal check and making sure tape capture is going well, we don’t watch your tapes. So, if there are any gaps or unwanted footage you want us to take out, or any other issues with the contents of the tape, it can’t be done during the capturing process. Tapes you bring us are usually old and may have some issues, so we try not to fast forward or rewind them more than we have to. If you want us to edit your tape, take some scenes out or delete blank spaces, we can help you with that for an additional editing charge.