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Image Hive is now offering home pick-up, curbside pick-up, and delivery to our customers.

What We Transfer

16mm film was introduced in 1923. It is 16mm wide (~5/8 inch). It either has sprocket holes on both edges, or just a single set of holes on one edge. The latter type is called single perforation film and includes an optical audio track running down one edge of the film.

8mm film was introduced in 1932. It is 8mm wide (~5/16 inch) single perforation film. It goes by a few different names including Standard 8, Regular 8, and Double 8. I very rarely includes sound.

Super 8 film was introduced in 1965. It is 8mm wide (~5/16 inch) single perforation film. Super 8 uses smaller sprocket holes than Standard 8 to allow more film real estate for the images, providing a much improved quality. Sometimes we will encounter an audio track, but most Super 8 film does not include sound. When sound is present, there will be a thin magnetic strip alongside one edge of the film.

Levels Of Service

SD Basic (resolution 720×480) Simply stated, input equals output. We’ll convert your film to digital without making any changes. You’ll get a faithfully reproduced original (warts and all). Each transfer comes with 4 Master DVDs, Personalized Label, Premium Cases.

HD Restoration (resolution 1080×720) Performed with our HD Professional Motion Picture Film Scanner, it also features our proprietary Alikant Advanced Restoration process which includes meticulous frame-by-frame advanced color correction to restore faded and washed out images, grain elimination, and removal of most visual artifacts caused by dust or scratches. Each HD transfer comes with MP4 files for easy editing and sharing on Mac & PC. You’ll be able to instantly upload to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, or any other social platform that supports video.

Restoration Only @ Image Hive

Take a look at this short clip to see an example of our proprietary Restoration Process on a typical 8mm film from the mid 1960’s.


 Transfer Any Film To

DVD or Digital File



$19.00 per 50 feet (min. 150 feet)

151-1999 feet – 10% OFF

2000-4999 feet – 20% OFF

5000+ feet – 40% OFF

As low as $12 per reel

HD Restoration:

$38.00 per 50 feet (min. 150 feet)

151-1999 feet – 10% OFF

2000-4999 feet – 20% OFF

5000+ feet – 40% OFF

As low as $22 per reel

*Each Transfer comes with 4 copies of complimentary

DVD’s or Digital Files. (USB-Drive not included)

Extra Add-ons:

Digital Files & 4 DVD Copies +$19.95

Audio Capture +$40 per reel

How to Transfer Film

Why We’re The Best

 Security: Because we do all work on-site in our Birmingham studio, you never have to wonder about the whereabouts of your precious memories. Your reels do not leave the premises of our secure film lab from the time you drop them off to the time you pick them up. One person is responsible for the work from start to finish and if you have questions, you’ll be able to get answers via face-to-face interaction.

Quality: There are many methods to digitize film and as least as many variations in quality. We’ve done the research and made the investment in the technology to be able to provide the perfect balance between optimal quality and exceptional affordability.